March 14th, 2021



In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

"The Lord took a handful of dust from the earth.

He breathed into it and created me, a living man.

He made me lord and master of everything on earth;

truly I enjoyed the life of the angels.

But Satan the deceiver tempted me in the guise of a serpent;

I ate the forbidden fruit and forfeited the glory of God.

Now I have been delivered to the earth through death.

O my compassionate Lord, call me back to Eden!"

"When the Enemy tempted me, I disobeyed Thy command, O Lord.

I exchanged the glory of my mortal body for shame and nakedness.

Now I must wear garments of skins and fig-leaves;

I am condemned to eat the bread of bitter hardship by the sweat of my brow. The earth is cursed and brings forth thorns and husks for me. O Lord, Who didst take on flesh from the Virgin in the fullness of time; call me back and restore me to Eden!"

These words from last night’s Vespers express Adam’s agony. His heart breaks because of his sin and his expulsion from Paradise. Instead of being a citizen of Eden, Adam finds himself a stranger in a foreign and hostile world. Adam was in exile, and all we, by extension, went into exile with him. Why? Because the blood of Adam and Eve flows in our veins too. From them came the whole human race, and all the peoples of the world. 

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