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God Resists the Proud
Proverbs 3: 33 – 4:22
Today’s reading has a lot to say about many things, but this familiar quote caught my eye:
 “The Lord resists the proud; but he gives grace to the humble. The wise shall inherit glory; but the ungodly have exalted their own dishonour (Proverbs 3: 34-35 LXX).
What does it mean, God resists the proud? The Greek word in the Septuagint is ἀντιτάσσεται. It means to resist or oppose like magnets resist each other when we try to join them together at their polar opposites. Their very nature creates a resistance, an oppositional repulsion to each other. The proud and arrogant person creates a kind of spiritual forcefield around himself, constructed by his own selfish free will. God, Who is of an entirely different nature, will not draw near to such a person, but instead will ward him off. The opposite is true for the humble person. God draws near to the humble person, granting them great grace. St. Pachomius said, "Be humble so that God guards and strengthens you, because God looks to the humble. Be humble so that God fills you with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, because it is written that He guides the humble and teaches His ways to the meek." Also St. Pachomius said, "Be humble in order to be joyful, because joy goes hand in hand with humility."


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